Main Magazine Audience

221,000 readers every 12 weeks (IPSOS EMMA July 2018)

An Active audience of “Do-ers”

86% are carrying out kitchen and bathroom projects in the next 12 months

26% of plan to begin a renovation in the next 3 months

Big Spenders

76% intend to purchase tapwear

67% intend to purchase a sink

66% intend to purchase a vanity

64% intend to purchase a bath

63% intend to purchase a range hood

And There’s no Waste

98% Aged 25+

94% Home owners

92% Carrying out renovations to an existing home

We Know our Audience

In 2015 The Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Media Group partnered with the Kitchen & Bathroom Design Institute to survey and produce the Kitchens & Bathrooms Consumer Report. Below are the highlights…

  • -86% of Kitchen & Bathroom Media Group respondents were planning an upcoming project, and 14% had already started
  • -93% or respondents were doing the project for a home that the respondent themselves would live in
  • -86% cooking were cooking “proper meals” at home 5 or more days per week
  • -33% of consumers were willing to spend over $10,000 on appliances.

How is Readership Calculated?

This readership is independently researched by the IPSOS company through the EMMA product (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) and served to buyers through software called Data Friend.

The figure is arrived at by surveying over 40,000 Australians per year and is updated every single month. For the very latest figure contact your Consultant.


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