mindful media magazines

What is Mindful Media?

Janice Williams
What is Mindful Media? The magazine that you take to the couch, or the podcast you make time for each week … both are examples of Mindful Media. Wor
magazine sales increasing

Why are magazine sales increasing?

Janice Williams
Why are magazine sales increasing? Magazine sales generally are on the increase. According to Roy Morgan, an additional 250,000 people started buying
measuring a medium or an offer

Are You Measuring a Medium or an Offer?

Janice Williams
We often hear from Marketers who are desperate to improve their metrics. A qualitative approach to measurement takes longer and is worth every minute.
how big is your real market audience

Why “How Many?” is the Best Question to Ask

Janice Williams
How many people are there in your market? I mean REALLY how many? In an age of marketing metrics, there is often surprisingly little time for Industry