Print media is the ultimate browse and opt-in game – consumers opt in by spending their money on the magazines we produce.  To be effective at this game Magazines are no longer sold only at newsstand – especially niche publications like Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly – but have built up more targeted networks over the last decade.

In addition to over 3,500 Newsagencies, all the magazines in this stable are proudly sold through…

  • -Online – Print copies are sold through Amazon, eBay, Magshop, I-subscribe and via aggressive, targeted e-commerce strategies through our own
  • -Digital Edition – Our digital version is sold through the App Store, Zinio, Magster, Flipster and many more.
  • -Speciality Retail – Print copies are sold in Pop-up design stores, Home Ideas Centres and many more.
  • -Key Account Retail – Print copies are sold in Nextra, WH Smith, LS Travel, COLES Stores and many more.
  • -Anywhere there is Data – DA applicants buy our print copies from direct mail, genuine expo attendees buy our print copies via direct mail, and Influencers sell print copies on affiliate deals.

When Targeting Consumers with Project Intentions, Renovator Data is Central

Universal Media Co is at core a data company, optimised to build value around an actual name and address lead.  Once we have activated a piece of data we will sell an average of 2.2 media products per record.

Our Magazines sit at the centre of a network of individual renovators who have opted-in to receive our communications to help research for a new project.  These leads are transitory (as their projects will be complete in 12 months), hard to acquire, hard to keep, absolutely GOLDEN opportunities and are not available elsewhere in Australia.

Our lead-nurturing journeys often start with…

  • -White papers, e-learning and e-news products offered via our entire digital network
  • -Social media acquisition to data services
  • -Print media acquisition to data services
  • -Digital edition acquisition to data services
  • -Opt-ins via expos, third party websites and content supply arrangements
  • -Affiliate partnerships

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