Email Marketing


Each Universal Medi­a Co brand has a targeted e-newsletter database and program, which puts our content in readers’ inboxes every week. We lead with the best subject lines and content and use the latest technology to ensure more deliveries and opens with each send. Email has become more powerful than ever with the sheer number of mobile devices in every person’s possession allowing consumers easy and constant access to their inboxes.

Our databases range from 5000–100,000 subscribers — each of whom with an interest in the stories they are receiving. There are a range of advertising options within our e-newsletters to allow your product or offer to be included at a variety of package sizes. And for those looking for a larger share of voice, you can own a single EDM to carry your message alone. EDMs are the perfect way to advertise an offer, announcement, sale or promotion, and a clear call to action can take the reader from their inbox to your website in one click to transact.

Email is not only a powerful marketing tool, it also offers a depth of analytics and measurement tools including delivery, open and click rates. We can help you find the database that is right for you and deploy our creative teams to design the words and content that will connect.

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