Whether you are starting out, or are an established business trying to get a bigger market share, it is critical to find your target audience and communicate the advantages of dealing with you.

At Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly we perform marketing services for all kinds of bathroom businesses – small independents that do 20 kitchens a year, to bigger players with 150 projects a year.  Our mission is to help all of these businesses reach the right target audience, with a message that powerfully communicates what they do.

Targeting the Right Market Cost-effectively

The fundamental thing in common to all bathroom makeover businesses is the necessity to manage tight marketing budgets and when spending to make sure they are reaching the right target market.

The consumers who buy Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine online, in a newsstand or supermarket, are all after one thing – help to research for their impending project.

This is the fundamental difference that we offer other media.  TV, Radio, Local Papers and even other Home Magazines all reach audiences that include people who have absolutely no need for your services, and no intention of doing a kitchen makeover at all.

Having identified the market of consumers with impending projects, we need to drill down further to see what part of that market is right for you, and to position your business as a leader in that category.

Positioning Your Bathroom Business

So – Why should the prospective customer deal with you?  In a crowded market, what makes you different?

Do you focus on providing services to a geographic area?  Is price your advantage, or are you offering a quality consultancy for an upmarket market?  Are you already busy, but seeking to obtain quotes for bigger jobs?

By analysing what you do, we can create high-quality leads that reflect the type of customer you are looking for.

Bathroom Design Businesses Benefit from Brand and Content Marketing

We believe that a combination of Brand, and Content Marketing strategies are important to get bathroom businesses to succeed.

Brand Ads allow you to communicate your benefits with your own logo, look and feel.  The next time your prospective customer drives by, they will recognise you.

Brand Ads say to the prospective customer – we are here, this is what we do, and we are ready for business.

Content Marketing allows you to demonstrate what you do via an example of work.

Content Marketing helps establish credentials in the mind of the consumer.  The consumer has to make a decision and is wondering ‘Who are they? Will it be waterproof?  Can they design the space properly?  Do they have a sense of style?  Have they done this before?’  By showcasing an example of your work in a glossy magazine with the imprimatur of Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, you are going a long way to resolving those inner conflicts.

From time to time we encounter bathroom design businesses who feel that they have to spend too much time creating content to service digital platforms, and that this disrupts the focus of design and customer service.  In truth a few powerful content marketing moments can more than cover hours of platform-service.   We take the headache out of content marketing for our customers by providing photographers who can shoot your work, and by doing the story-telling and design in a format that works.

Once the story is told it can be deployed to a range of digital mediums.  Our showcase editorials work just as hard on the Web or Social Media as they do in Print.  A carousel of images demonstrating your latest project, once boosted as an actual campaign to the target audience using enterprise-level tools, can be far more powerful than standard platform maintenance.

If your point-of-difference is a focus on the Northern Suburbs, then your showcase editorial can be re-crafted in to a boosted social post that only reaches people in the Northern Suburbs.

If your point-of-difference is dominance in the upmarket market in your city, then a Premium Content Pack online in our CompleteHome.com.au network full of showcase editorials and other imagery will win traffic, generate some high quality in-links for your own SEO, acquire visitation from our customer databases, and enhance your digital reputation.

Sales Tools for Kitchen & Bathroom Design Businesses

Kitchen & Bathrooms Quarterly also provides Advertisers some useful Sales Tools that help in the real world of warming up customers and winning quotes:

  • -Magazine Copies – Showing your prospective customer and example of a project that you have done, that is featured in a magazine adds IMPACT to your initial consultation.
  • -Showcards In the Showroom – A showcard is black laminated board with strut on the back featuring your magazine story. A show room full of these demonstrates that you have been featured many times and helps create confidence in the mind of any prospective customer.
  • -Official Badges – A badge on your website that states you have been featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, or on the CompleteHome.com.au network.
  • -Social Posts – Take any story we’ve run about you and post it to your own social media platforms.



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