We are excited about the intersection of media and technology and strategically invest in companies, people, products and teams that share our passion. Universal Media Co creates, purchases and invests in early-stage startups that innovate in the markets we are active in such as health, wellness, business, media, home, e-commerce, data and social. We look for new teams and businesses that have the potential to scale and can benefit from our subject matter expertise, content, brands, clients, data, audiences and other resources. Universal Media Co also provides the benefits of mentorship, commercialisation, legal and financial services, marketing, creative services, digital support and other services to create a faster path to growth and success.

Today we: deliver the world’s leading health and wellness supplements and products to your doorstep, facilitate the democratisation of education through in-depth e-learning video classes, partner with international travel companies to market destination cruises to the Australian public, and help Fortune 500 multi-nationals create a culture of wellness and reach peak performance for their companies and teams.

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