Mindworks Marketing Agency Say Print is More Relevant Than Ever

Mindworks Marketing Agency Say Print is More Relevant Than Ever MindWorks Digital & Direct Marketing Services help their customers with big budget marketing programs, and as such will buy all kinds of advertising – social, digital, print, radio and TV.  In this story from August 2020 say print advertising is more relevant than ever. Click here […]

Magazine Sales Are Up And Independent Newsagency Retailers Are Finding Ways To Thrive During Covid

Magazine Sales are up and Independent Newsagency Retailers are finding ways to Thrive During Covid Universal Media Co has experienced a significant lift in sales of its print magazines through all channels – eCommerce, Social, Supermarkets and Independent Retailers.  This story puts the spotlight on one of those Channels – the Independent Newsagency.  Independent Newsagencies […]

Magazine Subscriptions Boom During Coronavirus

Magazine Subscriptions Boom During Coronavirus All Universal Media Co publications are available in digital edition format via digital supermarkets such as PocketMags – the retailer from which this report emerges.  According to Pocket Mags triple digital subscription increases have been experienced by a number of publishers during the lock-down. Click here to read more

Magazine Publishers See Print Sales Boost Due To Coronavirus

Magazine publishers see print sales boost due to Coronavirus The increase in magazine sales that we are experiencing at Universal Media Co, is actually a world-wide phenomena.  As communities enter periods of restriction or lock-down, they are buying magazines.  This story from the New York Post describes this effect in Amercia. Click here to read […]

62.8% of Australians Read Print Magazines

62.8% of Australians Read Print Magazines Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, says readership of magazines is holding strong at over three-quarters of the population (15.6 million) as magazines increase their online offerings: “The latest results from the Roy Morgan readership survey shows 15.6 million Australians now read magazines whether in print or online with print […]