Australian Country Media Group now reaching 336,000 touchpoints every 30 days

Regionalisation has been good for the Australian Country Media Group which is now reaching more people than ever before, thanks to new interest in its subject matter, and additional digital reach.

Australian Country talks to an important audience of successful regional families and those who aspire to join them.  Through storytelling in social, digital, inbox and print media, the publication helps these families discover new ideas, connection and ways of living.

As we wrap up 2022 it is clear that the Australian Country Media Group is experiencing a groundswell of interest in its mix of home, travel and lifestyle inspiration, and also people who have just moved or are seeking to move to the country.  The camaraderie that we share with a community that makes the country what it is, is now being shared with the newcomers who are finding a new passion for country lifestyle.

New Digital Reach

A significant portion of the groups reach is now achieved via social, digital or inbox media.  This is typical of traditional country audiences who are high users in of digital media services as well as eCommerce.

The Business Story of the Country  

Australian Country Media Group has been taking a deeper dive in to the business stories that make country lifestyles work – from remote IT jobs to manufacture of processed goods, there are so many ways to make a country dream come to life.  “These stories are among the top performers in our digital network as everyone wants to learn how others have created a brilliant regional lifestyle,” says Publisher Janice Williams.

Fresh new Look for our Print Edition

Australian Country Magazine has also been wowing audiences with a fresh new look launched in September 2022 (see Vol 25 No 5).  This new look has given us a best-selling product in all channels – from Cole’s supermarkets, to Airport Outlets, to Newsagency or Digital Stores, this will be among our top-selling editions for 2022.

New Formats

Australian Country Publishing has also expanded in 2022, now supplying more Calendars, Diaries and Book products for the enjoyment of Aussie families.  Getting more Aussies to discover off the beaten track experiences in their own country via the best-selling Australian Country Road Trips Special Edition has been one of the highlights of our recent years.  This publication and associated digital strategy will expand in 2023.

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