International Magazine Readership and Audience Statistics – 2018/19 MPA Magazine Media Fact Book

One of the most comprehensive studies of Magazine performance Internationally is by the Magazine Publishers of America (MPA).  According to the latest MPA Magazine Media Fact Book 2018/19- Magazine readers are loyal, wealthy, and quite social.  Click on the link below for full details.

  • 90 percent of American adults have read a magazine in the last six months, either in print or digital format (pg. 25).
  • The number of magazine readers has steadily increased between 2012-2015 (pg. 28).
  • Print magazine audiences are more balanced across generations than other media, including internet, TV, radio and newspapers, attracting readers of all ages (pg. 33).
  • Households with income of $150K+ interact with magazines (combination of both print and digital) more often over newspapers, internet, radio, and television (pg. 35).
  • Magazine readership grows long after it’s on-sale or publication date (pg. 27).

For long form version of this study see here.


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