Magazines Return the Highest ROI on Ad Spend – MPA Magazine Media Fact Book 2018/19

Ad spend is a focus of the latest MPA Magazine Media Fact Book 2018/19. Click on the link below for full details.

  • According to the Nielsen Catalina Solutions Multi-Media Sales Effect Studies from 2004 – Q4 2015, magazines realize the highest return on advertising spend—more than display ads, mobile ads, and even video (pg. 36).
  • Several case studies indicate that magazine ads boost sales during campaigns. At very least, print advertising yields greater increases in brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent than online or television advertising (pgs. 37 & 38).
  • In fact, prolonged print advertising exposure boosts key branding metrics such as awareness, purchase intent and favorability and they vastly outrank television and online ads at increasing brand awareness (pg. 42).
  • Print has more impact per exposure than online and television combined! Print’s impact on purchase intent is especially strong at higher levels of exposure (pg. 43).
  • 61 percent of readers are inspired to take action after seeing a print magazine ad, and this holds true for different sizes or placements of the ad (pg. 47).
  • Print magazines are better at reaching affluent influential consumers than the internet, television, newspapers, or radio (pg. 48).

For long form version of this study see here.


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