Effective Marketing is Stifled by Lazy Attribution

So you hear a business name via an ad on Radio, TV, Podcast, Magazine or even from your neighbour over the fence, and you Google it.

Next month some marketing team analyses where their traffic is coming from and “TA DA” it all comes from Google.   What about that Radio, Mag or TV campaign?  Sure there were some inexplicable spikes but to the quick once-over view, it all came via Google.

And the visitor who searches Google might even misspell the business name that they heard or use some other value – but the main search engine still gets all the credit because most people use the search bar at the top not the browser URL input.

A lot of the action that shows up Google reports might just come from people who already know your business name – which begs the question: how did they hear of the business name?

This piece from SparkToro looks at the alternatives to simplistic attribution.
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