What is Cocooning – How Making People Feel Good Matters

The term ‘Cocooning’ was developed by Uber Marketer Faith Popcorn in the 80’s and really took hold in the September 11 World.  It refers to the widespread consumer tendency to retreat in to the home and focus on personal pursuits that give a sense of comfort and normality in an otherwise crazy world.

Our study of current digital media shows some clear new post-corona cocooning trends are emerging …

  1. Time at Home Means Fixing the Home. More time working and staying at home means people will invest in their home.  An improved home environment is be good for the spirit.  Think furnishings, furniture, home entertainment, new kitchen, gardening, and the classic renovation projects. This is why sales at Bunnings and Harvey Norman are through the roof in March 2020.
  2. Home- Based Hobby Activities. People will want to keep active when not ‘cocooned’ in the home. Think books and magazines, games, and craft projects.
  3. Online Shopping. Online shopping offers its own pleasures but requires time that many consumers don’t have if beating an hour of traffic by dinner time. The mental bandwith of consumers is now far more available – who wouldn’t want to spend it on a little escapist fashion, cosmetic or homewares treat?
  4. Feel Good Activities. The consumers who spent on recreational pursuits always were financially established and still are.  Established Australians see this as a chance to get out on the bike, become good at hills, and maybe even upgrade.  People are emerging in parks round Australia doing solo fitness sessions with new gear they may otherwise have used at the gym.
  5. Time to think Wellbeing. We are all experiencing the humanity of the post-coronavirus world and the leaders among us are rising in families everywhere to be present, stretch, get fit, de-stress, meditate, and cook more healthily.

As the old adage says – in a recession, make people feel good.  Consumers clearly do have money to spend but their ideas are changing.   The trick is to make your product visible to them, and position it to deliver the feel-good response.


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