Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazine
Rising in the Independently Researched
Roy Morgan Readership Poll

Backyard & Outdoor Living magazine has overtaken some important mainstream magazine brands and is about to surpass even more in the independently researched Roy Morgan Readership Poll.

This is despite its singular focus: we are here to show brilliant landscape and garden ideas to people with genuine project plans.

Backyard & Outdoor Living also remains an ‘end of funnel’ publication, meaning we only target consumers with real project intentions and keep out tyre-kickers by making the publication accessible only through purchase as a paid edition.

While other brands can increase readership by including more mass-market topics like recipes and pets, Backyard & Outdoor Living is purchased only by those with genuine intentions to renovate. This creates real efficiency for our advertisers – a reader exposed to advertiser messaging is a reader with genuine project intentions.

Backyard & Outdoor Living continues to grow, reaching aspirational Australian families who are at a stage where life is lived in the backyard. As consumers think to invest in better outdoor spaces, Backyard & Outdoor Living is there to help them find the design ideas and contacts to get things done.

This spring, Backyard & Outdoor Living sports a new, more contemporary design, with additional writers and project pages.

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