A BIG Summer of Reading
Magazine Promotions 2021/22

After a very strong 2021 for magazine sales, the channel team at Universal Media Co has planned a huge Christmas/Summer promotional period. This applies to WellBeing, EatWell, WILD and BEING magazines. Here’s what we have in store:

·     Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales: Many of our audiences are derived from the digital channel and these audience members love a bargain. Before the silly season even starts, we will be spruiking our special offers to customers who like to transact online and get packages delivered to their front door.

·     Digital Sales of Print Magazines: One of our largest and most dynamic channels, where we use our databases and online audiences to great effect to reach audiences with special interests when they have the time to read and plan.

·     Supermarket Retail: Universal Media Co has increased its supermarket footprint dramatically in the 2021 year. This means more facings and opportunity to sell as foot traffic increases.

·     Subscriptions: Subscriptions do very well in lockdown territories and again at Christmas time. Here we are targeting “gifters” — the people around target audience members who are looking for a meaningful gift.

·     Airport Retail: Promotional spots have been booked and yes, human traffic is projected to return to these high-volume stores this summer.

·     Newsagency Retail: As essential businesses, this vibrant sector of retailers remained open in the lockdown states and is stocked and prepared for an increase in foot traffic as some territories re-open.

·     Apple News: A huge number of brand fans are reading our content on their iPhone thanks to Apple News. This channel was launched in 2019, has grown every single month since and is expecting a huge summer of reading.

Universal Media Co specialises in reaching high-yielding audiences and relying on both digital and retail networks to reach communities of people that have an interest in our media. Our audiences are spending, socially engaged, and influential of others.

About Universal Media Co

WellBeing, EatWell, WILD and BEING are published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Media Co, Australia’s largest publisher of targeted mediums specialising in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. UMCo’s 53 magazine brands include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike and some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.


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