WellBeing 5.0 – General Site Upgrade

WellBeing has upgraded its website!  Pages that you regularly visit will remain cached in your browser but by Friday 12th November, this rollout will have been implemented to browsers around the country.

The new website is all about finding harmonising design with the main publication and better traffic performance.

For campaign partners who are live with WellBeing at present, every single campaign will be interpreted to the new design and start to receive improved traffic for the remaining period of the campaign. This will be instant and will show in reports 30 days from now.

The new site offers certain advantages:

– Better optimisation for mobile. Like many sites, WellBeing has experienced a growth in mobile traffic in recent years. The new site has a very clear and seamless mobile experience.

– Better campaign performance for your brand. The individual Ad Units that make up campaigns all have higher benchmarks with the new site. This means more traffic for our customers.

– Faster pages and a better tech stack. This is for the geeks, but a clearer code base ensures a better experience for search bots to crawl and greater discovery of WellBeing content over time.

– Better rotation of things that ‘We Love’. Browsers of this site are interested in products and love the ‘We Love’ content. Over time, this has become the primary form of discovery for brands’ products. This section now offers a faster rotation of products and greater dissemination throughout the site pages.

– A better premium content experience. With the old site, brands’ premium content was embedded in a directory. Over time, this pathway became redundant so these pages have been upgraded to full microsites.

– Simpler information architecture with fewer dormant sections. Low-volume sections drag on big websites, so we have tidied up all of ours. The new architecture is much simpler and will bring more traffic, but perhaps more importantly, it will create new opportunities for browsers to discover things they did not know about.

In short, we see this site as delivering a more contemporary look and better opportunity to acquire traffic both for the site and its campaign partners.

If your campaign used an element that has been discontinued (like the column Mrec), then your creative will be interpreted into the contemporary version and will start to perform at that rate. Our Customer Success Team remain available to answer any of your queries about these units and can talk you through the different aspects of the site.

We have also developed some more contemporary and extremely high-performance Advertising Units, which we can’t wait to show off in the future. We will have better brand advertising for anyone launching new products, and a much more contemporary content marketing play.

We have several sub-domains operating from wellbeing.com.au and these will remain as they are for this iteration of the site. WILD, Being, EatWell TV, WellBeing TV and WellBeing Shop continue in the current format until the new site is established and then will gradually be upgraded.

For further information contact us via our Customer Success Team

Laruen Moore lmoore@umco.com.au (02) 9887 0602
Alex Dalland adalland@umco.com.au (02) 9887 0348

Or our Commercial Team

Amy Frank afrank@umco.com.au 0450 195 373
Nia Lewellyn nlewellyn@umco.com.au 0488 267 371
Tracey Dwyer tdwyer@umco.com.au 0404 991 547


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