Backyard 3.0  
As the warmer months arrive, Backyard magazine is now offering extended on-sale and reach

It has been a busy time at Backyard magazine, with three new strategies to make this successful magazine reach the next level.

In July 2019 the publisher started distributing copies of Backyard to DA applicants with significant outdoor projects.

TODAY, the publisher has announced themed editions and an extended on-sale period. “We expect this to reduce waste and to deliver a 38% increase in audience reached,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “We also expect multiple copies to be purchased by the one consumer, who is actively seeking ideas for a project.”

About Backyard Magazine

Backyard targets a market of aspirational Australian families who are doing backyard makeovers. This audience is transitory; that is, they are “obsessed” with their backyards for a year or two, and then they move on to other things.

“By introducing themes for each edition, we start to look less like Woman’s Weekly and more like Woman’s Weekly Cookbooks, which, like a series of special editions, stay on sale for much longer,” said Ms Williams.

Backyard magazine currently has themes to every edition, but these will now be amped up and promoted on the front cover.

These two new strategies together, in addition to the earlier DA distribution strategy, give Backyard an even stronger presence and much bigger audience.

About Universal Media Co

Backyard magazine is published by Universal Media Co, Australia’s largest niche publisher specialising in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal’s 53 magazine brands include leaders in home, craft, bike and some lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.


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