WellBeing No longer a Magazine but a Category called
“Mindful Media” which now contains two new publications

The WellBeing Media Group is launching two new publications: WILD for Millennials and BEING for Centennials. Each brand will publish multi-platform, but in this age of high-frequency messaging, it is the print magazine that will deliver the most prized and attentive audience. “WILD and BEING are publications for the times, providing their audiences valuable in-mind time,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “We were looking at how communication styles have changed and we realised that generational distinctions provided an opportunity to communicate with real relevance and attentiveness.” WILD and BEING were born.

WILD invites its audience to “live your wild life”

WILD is for Millennials – those who are establishing their lives and shaping their futures. This community is inspired to make decisions for a better life, demanding complete authenticity. WILD is the creation of Kate Duncan – herself a bit of a wild lifer who recently left the city to build a creative future surfing and producing WILD from her Byron Bay home.

BEING says it’s ok to “just BE”

BEING is a companion for starting up, stepping out, finding your feet, falling over and doing it all again with joy and compassion. Every refreshing page of BEING tells us that just “being” can be a brilliant thing. This Centennial community is practical, compassionate, responsible and determined – and open to new ideas. BEING has been created by Ally McManus, who writes and runs a yoga teaching practice on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

Both publications provide their audiences with a rich and valuable experience of in-mind time. “When we talk to these mostly digitally-native generations, it is clear they value calm, creative, thoughtful stories from sources that are credible and relatable,” said Williams. “Their visual sensibilities are also extremely sophisticated. So while digital communications are very much a part of the picture, the print format gives us the calm, slow, reading experience that we want, with a visual packaging that is quite playful and retro-cool.”

WellBeingWILD and BEING are Mindful Media. Like the slow media movement that we see playing out in UK and US markets, Mindful Media is by nature slowed-down and highly visual. “The experience that you get with Mindful Media is derived in part from what you see on the page, and partly from what your own mind brings to the experience,” said Williams. “We wish to create beautiful reading experiences that are relaxing, thoughtful and inspiring.”

Continued Growth for the WellBeing Media Group

The WellBeing Media Group has grown consistently in recent years. The March 2019 Roy Morgan figures attribute an 18% readership growth to WellBeing magazine in the 12 months prior.

About Universal Media Co

WellBeing, WILD and BEING are published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Media Co, Australia’s largest publisher of targeted mediums that specialises in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal’s 53 magazine brands include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike and some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.

For further information, a review copy, or an interview with Editors Kate Duncan for WILD or
Ally McManus for BEING, or Publisher Janice Williams,
please contact Srashti Singh on ssingh@umco.com.au


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