Universal Media Co Extends its Reach to People with Projects

Home Design magazine & Backyard magazine now being mailed to Residential Development & Building Applicants

Targeting people with home projects is a high priority at Universal Media Co, as the company provides marketing services to more than 800 home-related businesses a year. Now the company has an additional way to reach deeply into this market.

As of August, editions of Home Design magazine and Backyard magazine will be mailed by UMCo directly to applicants with significant residential projects.

“The early applications to extend or create an upstairs layer are made at a time when the intention is high, but inclusions have not yet been chosen,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “A controlled circulation strategy at this stage will supplement our more conventional up-pipeline circulation strategies with a highly targeted and high-spending audience.

“People with projects are a special breed,” said Williams. “They are not flipping through images, dreaming of a project to do in some different future. They are engaged in actual research. It is at this time that their information needs change – their needs get serious and our mediums come into their own.”

Intentional Targeting

People who intend to do a home project in the future are especially in high demand, as intentions are hard to track by any other medium. “This is not like targeting a group of consumers with a persistent, life-long interest in an activity,” said Williams. “This is about targeting a group of consumers who enter the process of renovation, become obsessed with it until the project is done, and then drop the topic altogether!”

Targeting People with Projects

At Universal, people with home projects are targeted in two ways:

  1. With Content. The company could get easy readership for its media by publishing recipes, but instead, all of Universal’s home publications focus exclusively on the home. That means inclusions, details, prices, contacts and even floor plans – because this is the kind of information that people need at this stage.
  2. With Distribution. The company does a lot of behavioral targeting of audiences who are attending home expos or even using search for very specific things.

The addition of a feed of DA and BA data to this channel completes the picture

About Universal Media Co

 Universal Media Co is Australia’s largest publisher of niche media networks, specialising in helping marketers find targeted, high-value audiences via print, social and online media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.


For further information, review copy, or an interview with Publisher Janice Williams, please contact Srashti Singh (02) 9887 0354, or ssingh@umco.com.au


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