Universal Media Co launches Being magazine 
 A magazine inviting you to just be

“We’re encouraging readers to transition from a place of doing and into a state of being,” said Ally McManus, the Founding Editor of Being magazine – the latest publication launched by Universal Media Co.

Beautifully packaged in a format that delivers intentional reading and mindful pauses in equal doses, Being contains short, easy-to-digest content focussed on cultivating balance, ease and calm in life.  

Brought to you by the same publisher as Australia’s leading natural health and living magazine, WellBeing, Being offers an advanced level of editorial expertise by keeping content short, concise and inspiring, yet deep enough to elicit an emotional connection with and mindful response from the reader. 

Being speaks to its reader like a caring friend. The writing is direct, kind, nurturing, down -to- earth and practical. Each page is just as inspiring as it is informative. 

The first issue of Being traverses a range of subjects, from navigating friendships without fear to the benefits of Nordic bathing and the creative practice of mindful photography. There is a guide to forming a healthy relationship with food and a feature on the use of rituals to help your intuition thrive. This is all delivered with real-world pragmatism as the writers of Being walk the talk – the working girl can read Being and feeling inspired to live well, yet still feel understood in the trials and tribulations of everyday life. 

Ally McManus is just “being”

Founding Editor Ally McManus developed Being from her home office on the Great Ocean Road in Southern Victoria. Ally’s day-to-day life is a practice of mindfulness – each day includes yoga, meditation and a conscious engagement with all around her. “The notion of ‘being’ that we’re exploring in this new magazine is not a destination that you arrive at. It is a compilation of the feelings you experience throughout your journey in life. It’s a process,” said Ally.

Target Audience for Being

The primary target audience for Being is centennial women. This is a community of people who are coming of age, making mistakes, getting up and doing it all over again. Being invites this community to do so with the confidence, joy and compassion that comes from knowing that just “being” is enough.

About Being magazine

This is the second launch for Universal Media Co in as many months, and the second within the new category that the company is developing called “Mindful Media”. Other publications in this category include WellBeing and Wild

Being was a launch where we stood back and handed over the reins to the 20-somethings to create a product for themselves. The result is incredibly inspiring,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “Being not only speaks to market desires, but boldly asserts the right to just be. It is a refreshing and meaningful read.”

Want to spend some time just being?

Quick Info:

  • Being magazine is available in Australia for RRP $12 in newsagencies, airport retail, Coles stores and online.  
  • Being magazineMagazine is also available in New Zealand for $12.
  • Being magazineMagazine is in stores as of Thursday, December 19, 2019, in time for summer holiday reading.
  • Being magazine Magazine will feature an extensive sampling and digital marketing campaign commencing on December 27, 2019

For on-air giveaway copies or review copies, contact Srashti Singh before December 19 on (02) 9887 0354, or ssingh@umco.com.au and we will arrange shipment. 

If you wish to do on-air interviews, we would love to hear from you! Please line up a time in advance due to the holiday period.

For Founding Editor Ally McManus, please contact her directly on 0401 530 276.

For Universal Media Co Publisher, Janice Williams, call 0411 424 582.

We know the post can be a little slow at this time of year, so we have loaded digital copies of Being to the App Store, Zinio, Magster, Flipster and many more to go live on December 19, plus we have a sample preview copy on ISSUU via the URL below:


About Universal Media Co

Being is published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Media Co, Australia’s largest publisher of targeted mediums specialising in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal’s 53 magazine brands include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike and some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.


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