Sell Your Product to my Customer List

If I told you that I had a list of people who were buying my product — and were actually considering buying your kind of product — would you want to market to them?

But hang on, why would I let you market your product to people who are buying my product? Good-spending customers are hard to find. Why on earth would I give you access to my customer list?

Because I work for a Media Company and that is what we do. People who are buying our product are among some of the most ACTIVE consumers in certain markets right now. And in media land we are not only surveying these audiences, we are actually selling stuff to them.

Nobody buys Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine for any reason other than to put a few ideas on the table at home. Purchase of information is one of the best qualifiers in the business.

We also have conversations with these audiences… in the home market right now, our advisory services have never been busier.

Our readers are giving us buying signals. Here is a sample of what they are saying…

A reader from Postcode 4567 wants “Outdoor decking replacement and entertaining area around existing pool. Retaining wall replacement. Plant landscaping.”

A reader from Postcode 3032 is “Looking to install an island benchtop with sink and storage space, change current benchtop surface and splashback, update bathroom basin.”

A reader from 2500 wants Outdoor room able to be opened for summer and enclosed for colder weather.”

A reader from 3004 is Renovating an older-style apartment for the kitchen and bathrooms.”

3113 is Planning, designing and budgeting for a home renovation.”

3032 is more specific — she has sent us her shopping list: Built-in pool. Pergola. Outdoor kitchen. Landscaping. Day beds. Firepit and seating.”

As 2021 progresses, marketing budgets need to be deployed to target prospective customers who are “at the pointy end of the purchase funnel”, meaning they’re researched and ready to purchase. It is time, therefore, to rethink how to reach these people.

Is your marketing budget spent on reaching consumers with real purchase intention?

These people are targetable and reveal themselves through behaviours that are traceable. Direct purchase of consumer guide publications is one sure indicator that they are serious about buying.


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