New ‘Double Up’ Publishing Strategy  for Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazines

From spring 2020, readers of Backyard and Outdoor Living magazines will be surprised with a free flip-book of the alternative edition.

This publishing strategy is commonly employed by publications like Women’s Weekly but delivers a whole new take on the market, as readers of both publications are planning projects.

What This Means for Readers – People with Projects

Readers used to the family backyard makeovers of Backyard magazine will now get bonus pages showing what the aspirational approach looks like – the upmarket projects and signature features of Outdoor Living. Readers used to the upmarket style of Outdoor Living will now get a bonus section of the integrated family living of Backyard magazine, and hence be totally on-the-mark for the times.

What This Means for Marketers

This strategy increases facings, and hence reach, as each brand gets exposure on the shelves of the other. It effectively doubles the reach of each publication, adding just over 30% to the print run.

This approach also gives marketers an expanded opportunity: upmarket marketers remain in an upmarket environment but will be exposed to a whole new audience (gaining 42%), and marketers of family products will now be exposed to the upmarket market (gaining 18%).

While there is some duplication between the two audiences already, this represents a genuine chance to grow, reach a different kind of customer, and have greater exposure.

Marketers using both magazines will benefit from increased exposure. This is especially true for those most used to Outdoor Living, which, being an upmarket quarterly, went to a smaller market and had fewer supermarket facings.

A Double Edition

At a time of increased interest in all things home, this “doubled up” strategy reaches more outlets, more buyers, and effectively takes two niche publications into more of a mass market game.

“In these times we are all looking for ways to maximise reach to market and grow market share,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “This strategy will help marketers reach more people with projects in the outdoor market.”

For further information ring Janice Williams (02) 9887 0316


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