How to Market to Consumers with Outdoor Projects

At Universal Media Co we use both distribution and content strategy to make sure our mediums reach real people with projects… but what does that look like on the ground?  At the end of 2020 we asked some of our audience members what they thought about our media, and picked up a lot of project stories along the way. These people are all renovating, building, or have just moved in to new homes. They are extremely engaged, loving our articles on products, décor and outdoor furnishings.  More importantly they clearly represent a portion of the market that is actively spending.   This audience is distinguished by being actually “in the market” for outdoor goods and services.  So committed, in fact that they are buying magazines to do pre-purchase research.  This is where Magazine Media shines – it is like buying access to a database of customers who are revealing future intentions by purchasing a targeted magazine today.  And Magazines represent products and services visually – consumers have to see it to want it.  They certainly have to see it to search for it by name.  To see the kinds of projects being pursued by Universal Media Co audience members in 2021 click here.


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