How Many Times does a Consumer have to see your Ad before Buying?  Why Brand Credentials are so Important in the Home Market

When a consumer buys your product or service they are buying in the confidence and belief that your product will serve their needs and contribute to their overall project.

That confidence has to be earned.  Especially in the home market.

Increasingly this is about brand awareness i.e., the consumer seeing your brand, and one or two key messages, frequently enough to remember them, in the pre-purchase research phase of their home project.

These days consumers in your target audience will need to see your brand message at last 7 times before they start to register who you are and what you do.  In eCommerce, even more.

With brand marketing we are achieving a few things:

  1. We are reinforcing the brand name
  2. We are getting the market to recognise what category you are in, so you become known for your category i.e., appliances.
  3. We are communicating what products you do i.e., range hoods and washers.
  4. We are communicating a point of distinction i.e., your unique selling proposition i.e. Aussie-manufactured products that last.

The goal is to develop connotative brand values – to say that your brand is big enough, organised enough, experienced enough, and has the products to provide solutions to the prospective customer.

The implications of this approach are broader than marketing just a product and a price.  Product and price marketing comes at the end.  Brand marketing done in advance sells the idea of the product itself and adds value to the Brand.

The implications of this approach are also broader than customer reviews. Customer reviews remain nice to have, but even small businesses have ‘good’ customer reviews.  To win consistent, reliable business, the goal is to make your business appear big, important, and capable of providing solutions.  Brand awareness created in this way can last for years.

If a consumer is not even aware of your brand of what you do, then a high level of repetition of these things is required for the message to be received.  The game of marketing is to acquire that repetition in a meaningful way i.e., to the market that matters, and to do so without very high costs.

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