Homespun is now available in Woolworths, making us Australia’s most widely sold craft magazine!

Homespun magazine has just received extensive ranging in Woolworths to become the only regular Australian craft title available in the supermarket giant. Receiving key retail space in 113 stores for the first time, this, combined with our already extensive Coles, newsagent and independent retailer ranging, gives the publication an unmatched distribution network.

In the extremely competitive supermarket channel dominated by mass market titles, this new ranging has proven that Homespun is a popular and strong media brand. “These 113 high-traffic stores give us access to the diverse Woolworths shopper who is the perfect match for Homespun’s multi-craft and multi-skill editorial,” said publisher Emma Perera.

“We cannot wait to reach this new reader as well as ensure Homespun is even more accessible to its current readers so they never miss an issue,” continued Emma. “Work, family and household commitments can all get in the way for even the most die-hard crafter and by placing Homespun in front of readers while they are doing their shopping, we are allowing them to discover the title and simply grab a copy while doing their weekly groceries.”

This significant new audience and readership for the publication will also be highly valuable to our clients, who will now get even more reach to crafters for their marketing spend with Homespun.

This news comes on the tail of a great six months of sales and readership figures for the publication, which grew hugely and continues to grow during the COVID period as people who are asked to stay home turn to their craft and other hobbies to stay occupied.

Homespun’s presence in Woolworths begins on 14 September, 2020, to coincide with the on-sale date of issue #21.05.

To be a part of Homespun or for further information, please contact publisher Emma Perera on

If you are a media agency or marketer seeking to reach this audience, please contact:

Angelos Tzovlas, National Sales Manager VIC, SA, WA, TAS, NT on

About Homespun magazine

Homespun is for those who want to create and craft for the people and places they love. Creatively combining themes, styles and techniques, we bring you stunning patchwork, appliqué, embroidery, crochet, knitting and toy making inspiration in each issue with tried and tested easy-to-follow projects to help you make quilts, bags, softies, dolls, cushions, wall hangings and everything between.

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