Everyone’s Renovating, and that’s the theme of
Home Design magazine’s Collectors’ Annual 2021
Our Best-Selling Print and Digital Edition just got better

The 2021 Collectors’ Edition of Home Design has a renovation theme and publishes at the start of the year, when Australians typically develop plans for their renovations for the year ahead.

This year we are publishing in a renovation boom. Australians took to their home projects during lockdown and the newly improved HomeBuilder program is starting to make an impact.

Always a best-seller, this year’s Home Design Collectors’ Edition follows a year where print magazine sales grew 12%, and digital edition sales grew 9%. Home Design has more than 130,000 downloads from the App Store alone.

Like many of our business partners, the Home Design Collectors’ Annual intends to make hay while the sun shines and has prepared numerous special promotions for this edition:

– EXTENDED on-sale in independent retail
– Replenishment to areas of high home project activity and sell-outs
– Special distribution to outlets in holiday areas
– Special promotions and distribution of our Digital Editions — the App Store, Flipster, Magster and more
– e-Commerce strategy to revisit key databases of DA applicants, people with projects and the designers who influence their decisions.

Retail partners are encouraged to order extra copies of this special edition.

Marketers are encouraged to kick off 2021 by having a presence in this special edition — subject to availability.

To plan your opportunities in the booming renovation market please contact:

Anthea Hamilton, Advertising Team Leader, 0414 319 271
Miriam Keen, NSW Outdoor & Lifestyle Category, Advertising Manager, 0414 969 693
Natalie Grosso, Vic Advertising Manager, 0420 477 422
John Oliver, Vic Kitchen Bathroom & Heating Advertising Manager, 0417 316 820
Sarah Hickey, Qld Advertising Manager, 0488 424 232

To order copies, contact Sally Carroll on 02 9887 0617


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