Australia’s only dedicated food-gardening magazine
Good Organic Gardening
– almost doubles its audience since March 2020

Gardening has boomed during the covid era, and it seems that it’s food gardening that is leading the charge.

Good Organic Gardening Magazine – Australia’s only dedicated food gardening magazine – has almost doubled its reach since March 2020.  The late-Spring October edition was up 42% YOY.  And it seems that many young people have entered the game, looking to impress their friends with fresh produce.  This level of interest has sustained in to 2021.

Why the new Fans?  Practical Gardening Content

“Food gardeners have a mission – it’s about successfully growing produce that looks and tastes great, said Ms. Williams.  “But there are challenges along the way and that’s why our mix of horticultural advice and tips seems to be winning new fans.  Good Organic Gardening Magazine is companion for the journey.”

Magazines Generally Are Up

“Nationally, magazine sales increased 12% during COVID” said Publisher Janice Williams.  Magazines are favored by gardeners as they are a highly-visual and easy-to-access medium.  As publisher of the Australia’s largest range of home and garden publications, Universal Media Co has seen this phenomenon in all channels.

Online Sales of Print Magazines

Online sales of print magazines have also improved dramatically with a twofold increase in basket-size.   “New gardeners typically want a large number of ideas at the start of each project, so will often buy multiple editions, or come back for more,” said Publisher Janice Williams

About Universal Media Co

Universal Media Co is a data business with significant media assets, including Australia’s largest range of home publications.  The company specialises in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.  The gardening group is expected to expand in 2021 as a result of increased interest in gardening during 2020.

For a review copy of Good Organic Gardening Magazine, or an interview with the Publisher Janice Williams, please contact Srashti Singh on 02 9887 0354


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