WellBeing WILD Print Magazine Increases in Frequency
due to Positive Reception from Millennial Readers

The print-format WILD magazine has performed well at retail and has been upgraded from biannual to quarterly frequency due to feedback from the market.

“We are extremely pleased to be upgrading WILD after only two months in the market,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “Our own research indicated that this audience was up for a print product that would deliver quality in-mind time. We launched cautiously to test our own theories and the response has been quite overwhelming. This confirms that the millennial market is not only open to print media, but appreciative of design, packaging and print arts in general.”

WILD magazine – At a newsstand, airport, gym, yoga studio or co-working space near you

The WILD launch campaign focussed on driving sales through e-Commerce, social media and sampling programs. Sampling programs for the publication were run in gyms, yoga studios and co-working spaces attended by millennial women who are hustling up positive futures. “Going directly to the audience where they are has been critical in getting the word out about WILD,” said Williams.

“Articles on hype culture, work-from-home, and managing mental health seem to have resonated with the audience of working millennials who often feel under-represented in media,” said Editor Kate Duncan.

Workers in co-working spaces and gyms were particularly active in offering feedback to the launch edition:

“It feels like a Frankie mag – less crafty/kitsch and more mindful,” said one of the members of Altitude Co-working in Melbourne

WILD was a good mix of boundary pushing info and life inspiration” was the feedback from Creative Cubes Co in Richmond

“Our members loved WILD magazine. It was a nice treat to receive a stylish magazine full of valuable content. Great to see topical info away from all the mainstream gossip magazines” – from AGOGA Functional Training Gym Bondi.

e-Commerce marketing invited members of the target audience to become foundation subscribers, getting in early on a publication that offers a modern pragmatic approach to positive living.

How to get your WellBeing WILD on
  • WILD2 is in production NOW and available April 2020. Advertising is still available. Call Regan Hudson in Qld (+61 411 424 356), Nia Lewellyn in NSW (+61 488 267 371), and Tracey Dwyer in Vic (+61 414 431 415).
  • WellBeing WILD is available in Australia and New Zealand for RRP $12 in newsagencies, airport retail, Coles stores and extensively online. WILD has now been ranged in Paper Plus stores.
  • For review copies please contact Srashti Singh on 02 9887 0354.
  • To speak to Universal Media Co Publisher Janice Williams call 0411 424 582.
  • For an interview with Editor Kate Duncan call 0432 099 299

About Universal Media Co

WellBeing WILD is published by the Universal WellBeing Group at Universal Media Co, Australia’s largest publisher of targeted mediums and a specialist in helping marketers find targeted audiences via print and online media. Universal’s 53 magazine brands include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike and some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company and Universal Online Media. Universal Media Co is an independently owned private company.


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