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The Spa, Travel & Retreat Planner

The Spa, Travel & Retreat Planner, brought to you by the WellBeing Media Group, is experiencing a resurgence as the publication is brought to press for 2021.

The following upgrades are being implemented for edition No 5, which publishes this July. We will now publish under the banner Wellness Experiences – the Spa, Travel & Retreat Planner and go to market in a bigger way:

– Promotional ranging in over 600 Coles Stores
– Promotional ranging in over 700 Woolworths Stores
– Paper stock upgrade to Eco Art Stock

The interest from FMCG retailers is significant as they are very in touch with trends, and see products on regional travel as a big opportunity.

The influx of Australian and Kiwi consumers seeking regional travel experiences has also led to an increase in searches for unique travel experiences on WellBeing.com.au. During the COVID lockdown in 2020, searches for travel experiences grew 42%, and never came down. Content on travel, spa and retreat experiences continues to be our top content grouping.

The 2021 edition has been planned as a stand-alone publication marketed to all good retailers plus via the WellBeing Network. This edition will be newly content-rich and designed to inspire.

Wellness Experiences — the Spa, Travel & Retreat Planner goes into production on May 17th and will be published on July 29th, 2021. Limited advertising opportunities remain available for marketers of quality experiences.

For further information ring

Regan Hudson — 0411 424 356 rhudson@umco.com.au
Nia Llewelyn — 0488 267 371 nllewelyn@umco.com.au
Tracey Dwyer — 0404 991 547 tdwyer@umco.com.au


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