SpecifierSource Database Rises to over 20,000
Project Manager, Architect and Designer Subscribers

Launched in May 2019, SpecifierSource has managed to accumulate more than 23,000 subscribers in its first six months of operation.

“This is a good result and testimony to the power of email in B2B communications,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “We spoke to a community of crazy-busy design professionals and asked how they wanted to receive their information – the overwhelming majority chose Inbox Media.”

SpecifierSource publishes information via three eNewsletters (Inbox Media), plus Facebook and web. It has also recently launched channels in LinkedIn and Instagram, and plans to have these available in 2020. Of all the channels, Inbox Media has had the strongest uptake.

What is SpecifierSource?

Built to assist architects, project managers, specifiers and designers of mixed-use residential projects, SpecifierSource is a visual reference network.

“We serve out an information unit called the Clever Spec which is essentially a flip-card-style image with caption, designed to create awareness of ideas and products in the market,” said Ms Williams. “If you’re involved in marketing products or services to this busy, dynamic specification community, SpecifierSource can be used to establish your pipeline of leads. We serve your ideas to this audience in the format that they want to engage with, and report back on who is interested.”

SpecifierSource also publishes a newsfeed for inspiration, bringing the best residential projects from around the world and latest news from building and construction.

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