WellBeing is the beacon brand for natural living in Australia.

WellBeing connects to the desire to live well in the real world, in harmony with the body, mind and nature. It’s about community, relationships, health, travel, work and ultimately aims to inspire readers to live their best life.

Leading the way in science-based health reportage, WellBeing knows that living in harmony with nature is a choice that is based on good information. As consumers, WellBeing readers are a well-informed and highly influential community.

For marketers, WellBeing offers an audience of influencers who understand the value of natural living and are ready and willing to hear about different ideas from individuals and businesses.

The WellBeing Media Group offers a carefully curated portfolio for marketers wishing to stand out and reach the hearts and minds within this highly influential community. The group consists of WellBeing magazine, WellBeing EatWell magazine, WellBeing.com.au, magazine digital editions, a range of Bookazines, a stationery line, plus numerous inbox and social media assets. WellBeing magazine is the brand behind WellBeing GROW, which brings corporate wellness to teams working at large corporations throughout Australia.

*Readership: IPSOS Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), March 2018

Client Testimonial

“Advertising in WellBeing magazine is the cornerstone of our marketing strategy for our yoga retreats. Byron Yoga Centre is now in it’s third year of a comprehensive annual commitment that cover the iconic WellBeing magazine and key supplements plus digital platforms. We believe advertising across these mediums, especially the presence in WellBeing magazine, directly connects us to our target market in a conducive environment that has helped to significantly grow our business.”

-Becky Buckwell, Marketing Manager, Byron Yoga Centre

“Spreading the “refill and reuse” message in a noisy and crowded world is so much easier with Wellbeing Magazine.  The exceptional quality of both the articles and the publication constantly illuminate and reinforce forward thinking goals on every level.  We know the audience is listening.”

-Cath Booth, Brand Manager, Cheeki 


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