WellBeing BEING

BEING is a companion for starting up, stepping out, finding your feet, falling over and doing it all again with joy and compassion.

BEING offers short, easy-to-digest content on the theme of cultivating balance, ease and calm in life.  The stories offer simple tips for easy real-life integration and are completely inspiring.  Just being can be a brilliant thing….

BEING is the latest example of mindful media brought to you by the WellBeing Media Group.   BEING targets readers in their twenties and thirties who are passionate about simple living, mindfulness and cultivating stillness.

For marketers the BEING audience is an important demographic …

  • Very serious about education and learning,
  • Keen to learn practical career information,
  • Understands the importance of taking care of self,
  • Digitally competent and in to all forms of tech,
  • In to all forms of travel, adventure and exploring,
  • In to Conscious consumption – eco and sustainable,

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