Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly

The showcase for the best kitchen and bathroom designs in the country.

The publication exists to provide a pre-purchase research service to consumers who are looking to renovate within the next 12 months. Each 300-plus-page edition gives an overview of the styles, ideas, products, designers and builders available in a succinct format, providing consumers with an informed approach to the market within 60 minutes of reading.

The service that we offer as a media group is the ability to target consumers by their intention to build a kitchen or bathroom project.  There are many generalist home publications, but few that can claim to successfully capture the audience of people who are researching for future kitchen and bathroom projects at any given time.

Part of the Home Media Group, Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly is the market leader in its category.  Other media within the group include Kitchen Yearbook, Bathroom Yearbook, Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms,, digital magazine editions, plus numerous inbox and social media assets.

*Readership: IPSOS Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), June 2020

Client Testimonial

“Partnering with Universal Magazines with their publications Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly and the Kitchen Yearbook is the perfect pairing for Caesarstone Australia. As innovators and leaders in our industry it makes perfect sense to partner with a top selling publication to speak with customers looking to renovate their kitchen or bathroom.”

-Linda Hannah, Brand Manager, Caesarstone

“We’ve incorporated Universal Magazines publications as part of Enigma’s marketing strategy for well over a decade. Our team feel that it delivers the right message to an ideal audience, in particular those researching kitchen & bathroom projects. Editorial is presented in a way that connects with readers, photography is always of a high standard and Brand-awareness has had a positive impact on our place in the market”

-Lee Hardcastle, Enigma Interiors



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