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Everything in Eat Well Magazine is good for you

EatWell magazine is packed with meal ideas that are good for you, easy to cook and taste great! Welcome to the only recipe magazine in Australia that offers a healthy approach to good food.

EatWell speaks to a generation of home cooks who are motivated to take a healthier direction and outsource the food plan to people who know good food. We make it easy by offering recipes, shopping lists and quick ideas, tapping into the wisdom of a community of passionate chefs, bloggers and caring home cooks.   

Designed from the start as a supermarket brand, EatWell is your enthusiastic food friend — for busy people who want to eat healthy, yummy food but don’t have the time to hire a dietician. The publication’s philosophy is epicurean — there is no holding back on the lime in the taco or cacao in the lunch-time chia snack because food won’t heal if it is not enjoyable. Taste is the guiding principle.

Featuring more than 70 recipes in each edition, EatWell reaches an audience of consumers who have just joined the health food revolution and are yet to establish ingredient or brand loyalties.

Part of the WellBeing Media Group, EatWell offers a pro-health food environment for marketers wishing to reach healthy home cooks. The EatWell portfolio consists of EatWell magazine,, the EatWell app, magazine digital editions, a new range of special editions, plus numerous inbox and social media assets.

*Readership: IPSOS Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), June 2018

Client Testimonial

“EatWell is a great magazine which emphasizes on the Wellbeing of its readers. We chose to advertise with EatWell for the right target market, amazing brand alignment and most of all the cost effectiveness. The team behind the magazine are amazing and very professional at what they do. Advertising with them has been a pleasure and it will definitely be worth your investment!”

-Ernest Tong, Marketing Manager, Coffex Coffee

“With a dedication to healthy living and passionate about good wholesome food, Eat Well Magazine is a natural fit with the Go Natural brand and our values.  Eat Well is a beautiful magazine packed full of delicious recipes, inspiring stories and authentic advice and is a great way to reach our target consumers.”

-Stephanie Anderton, Go Natural


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