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Dirt Action is wired to always evolve. We aren’t just fist pumping long-past glories over and again. Like you, we have a history, but we are for the now and tomorrow. We feel it’s vital that we do our part to help create heroes within our sport, to scratch beneath the surface to inspire our readers and to be a leading force in the growth of the sport as a whole. Dirt Action is the last magazine by some years to still feature Australian athletes on the cover — and we don’t just tap the top riders over and over; we also do what we can to give up-and-coming talent a boost. Dirt Action was born as a trailriding magazine but has grown into something far bigger in scope, both on the page and in digital form, covering MX, trailriding, adventure and enduro racing.

*Readership: IPSOS Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), November 2017

Client Testimonial

“Having local media producing high quality content across multiple platforms is really important for not only our industry but the sport of motocross as a whole. It is here Universal is a stand out and has been integral in helping us build a leading brand position and awareness for Thor MX products and team. Knowing that we can connect directly with our audience in highly credible environments is key to our messaging.”

-Jess Proctor, Marketing Manager, Gas Imports


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