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For 25 years, BuildHome has provided new home buyers with the very best home designs, floor plans, products, and advice which is why BuildHome is read by Australians who are actively planning to build a new home now or within the next 12 months. Each issue we cover builders of custom homes, project & display homes, knockdown & rebuild, kit & manufactured homes, granny flats PLUS we showcase display villages, new land releases and unique building products.

BuildHome is the only publication completely devoted to the various detached dwelling options. There are state editions specifically for NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Client Testimonial

“As a building company it is extremely important for our branding to be in many places and equally important is our reputation of being one of the best builders in Brisbane. These two elements mean that reputation and exposure go hand in hand. We are a very small family business. We love what we do and are very committed to seeing our clients flourish from the new homes or transformed homes we build for them. As our margins are small so too is our marketing budget. This is where UMCO has made such a difference. Turning our builds into real life stories that consumers enjoy has a far greater impact than advertising alone.”

-Maree OShea, Interior Specialist, OSHEA AND SONS BUILDERS 


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