Australian Country Homes

Celebrating the warmth of the country aesthetic.

We open the doors to some of Australia’s most interesting homes and are invited inside the enviable everyday lives of those who have made the move to a calmer, more welcoming and personally enriched way of living.

Many consumers are attracted to the highly personalised country look at a stage of life when homes or families are being formed anew. Australian Country Homes therefore provides like-minded businesses rare access to a community of people who are creating new lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Target market:

  • Homeowners who are highly engaged in the renovation and decoration phase of life
  • Couples entering into new lifestyles as a result of an upgrade or move
  • Consumers who appreciate the country aesthetic
  • Consumers who are dreaming of a tree or sea change


Part of the Australian Country Media Group, Australian Country Home sits alongside Australian Country magazine,, magazine digital editions, a range of Bookazines, a stationery collection, plus numerous Inbox and social media assets.


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