Outdoor Design Source Turns 20

Outdoor Design Source, Australia’s foremost print and digital resource for specifiers of external works, is celebrating 20 years in the industry.

For more than 20 years, Outdoor design Source (ODS) has been at the forefront of the external works industry, introducing readers to the innovative products and services of their clients and keeping the industry informed about what is happening in the world of landscaping and public space across Australia and around the globe.

“We are so proud to be a mainstay in a thriving industry that changes and grows every year,” says ODS editor Nicole Mulloy. “From our humble yet innovative beginnings 20 years ago, ODS has grown along with the industry, working hard to match the needs of our clients and our readers and represent the best the built environment has to offer.”

Starting out as a purely print-based medium, ODS today has a full print and digital network that forms an information service for a contemporary audience. A collection of sector-targeted enewsletters, a fully-responsive website, online newsfeed and comprehensive social media presence now join the annual print directory that started it all.

Over the past 20 years, the breadth and scope of greenspace in Australia has shifted greatly. As our migration toward more urban living continues and we experience greater instances of vertical living, including our recreation spaces, the importance being placed on public space is growing. The fact that public greenspace is becoming the new ‘backyard’ for many urban dwellers is a significant trend that is no longer being overlooked.

“In 2018, I feel we’ve reached a zenith with regard to the quality and scope of public space. The preponderance of construction of open space projects alone is gratifying, but seeing the move toward a highly considered, ‘designed’ public realm that incorporates a variety of programs for public use is truly inspiring,” says Nicole.

“Today’s public spaces are flexible and layered, with room for events, gathering and community celebration, equipped with multi-use street furniture, public art and playscapes straight out of a child’s imagination.”

The growth of Australia’s construction market is at an all-time high and the innovation and creativity being shown is truly something to be admired. A new era in public space has arrived and ODS is right there in the trenches. With so many new and exciting innovations propelling the built environment to new heights, Outdoor Design Source looks forward to continuing its evolving journey for the next 20 years.

About Outdoor Design Source magazine

For more than 20 years the ODS network has been the leading resource for the landscape and external works industry. The ODS media footprint and data base is significant in this space and communicates directly with a primary audience of external works specifiers, these include: Landscape architects, commercial and civil landscape contractors, councils, public works engineers, parks and the tourism and leisure industry. This primary audience is responsible for specifying and the management of billions of dollars of external work every year.

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