Distribution Upgrade to Home Media Group –
The magazines that help you build your forever home 
have never been more visible

The following upgrades apply to the 2021/22 year for Grand Designs Australia and Home Design Magazines

1. Grand Designs Australia Magazine — upgrade of ranging in Coles Stores
2. Grand Designs Kitchens & Bathrooms — closing soon! Now ranged in Coles Stores and Airport Stores
3. Home Design Annual Edition — now ranged in Coles Stores and Airport Stores
4. Grand Designs Home Building Guide — now ranged in Coles Stores and Airport Stores
5. Grand Designs Sourcebook – now ranged in Coles Stores and Airport Stores

Both titles have been ranged in Apple News Plus. Grand Designs Australia Magazine has been on the platform for more than six months and currently has an average reach of 1,008,217 consumers per 30 days. Home Design has been on the platform for three months and is currently reaching 400,866 consumers per month.

Grand Designs Australia Magazine
 continues to be ranged in high-grade Woolworths Stores.

Both titles are in good Newsagencies and Specialty Home Renovation outlets.

Grand Designs Australia Magazine
 is published by Universal Media Co Pty Ltd under a licence agreement with Fremantle Media. Fremantle Media is the producer of Grand Designs Australia TV which appears on the Lifestyle Channel. Grand Designs Australia Magazine turns 10 in 2021 and is hosting the Grand Designs Australia Magazine House of the Year Awards.


For further information, please contact:

Anthea Hamilton, Advertising Team Leader, 0414 319 271
Miriam Keen, NSW Outdoor & Lifestyle Specialist, Advertising Manager, 0414 969 693 

Natalie Grosso, Vic & Qld Advertising Manager, 0420 477 422
John Oliver, Vic Kitchen Bathroom & Heating Advertising Specialist, 0417 316 820
David Strong, Business Development Partnerships Consultant, 0411 366 656

To order copies, contact Aiza Rojo on 02 9887 0617


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