A new web portal has been launched to help natural gardeners around Australia find organic gardening solutions: GoodOrganicGardening.com.au

Published as the digital partner to Good Organic Gardening magazine, this web portal will act as a reference centre and will introduce new gardeners to the publication.

“Good Organic Gardening offers an audience of gardeners who are either seasoned or committed to natural approaches, or newcomers setting up new gardens and experimenting with natural approaches for the first time,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “We provide them with the right mix of ideas, information and sense of community to be the medium of choice.”

Gardeners connect to Good Organic Gardening in a number of ways:

• By buying or subscribing to the magazine as a companion for the journey.
• By getting inspirational content from the Good Organic Gardening Facebook
• By opting-in to the Good Organic Gardening eNews for serialised information.
• And now, by visiting the web page for information and ideas.

Businesses can also target this audience and take advantage of this network via a number of different digital marketing strategies.


• GoodOrganicGardening.com.au will be powered by the CompleteHome.com.au web portal.
• Existing within this well-established link network provides distinct advantages for SEO
• The site will be populated at the natural pace favoured by search engines, acquiring new pages every single week.
• Articles from the site will continue to be distributed via social media.
• The Good Organic Gardening eNewsletter will now push traffic to this new portal.

A new suite of digital marketing options is now available for businesses which are set up digitally.


It has been a positive year for Good Organic Gardening magazine, which is now 10 years old and the leader of organic gardening magazines. In 2017, Good Organic Gardening became one of the top five subscriptions in the 53-brand Universal Media Co stable, and 2018 saw the publication capitalise on new retail distribution.


Janice Williams | Publisher | 02 9887 0316 | jwilliams@umco.com.au
Miriam Keen | Advertising Consultant | 02 9887 0604 | mkeen@umco.com.au


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