Magazine Sales are up and Independent Newsagency Retailers are finding ways to Thrive During Covid

Universal Media Co has experienced a significant lift in sales of its print magazines through all channels – eCommerce, Social, Supermarkets and Independent Retailers.  This story puts the spotlight on one of those Channels – the Independent Newsagency.  Independent Newsagencies are contemporary, diverse business, driven by data and personal connection to community.  Here Mark Fletcher – A Business owner operating several stores, a point-of-sale system, and the NewsXpress marketing group for 200+ newsagents reveals some positive insights about newsstand operations during the covid era.  Here he is in a video created this month talking about which categories are up, which categories are down and how newsagencies are working to create a future.  The video is to the top right of the home page.  See references to magazine sales at 0:25, 0:56 and 1:07 minutes.

Click here to find the video


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