Kitchens & Bathrooms Market Uptick May to September 2020

Kitchen Yearbook makes record sales during COVID

Kitchen Yearbook No 24 has just broken all the records! The first of three distributions has achieved a record-breaking result for number of copies sold.

Grand Designs Kitchens & Bathrooms No 3 has also performed well, the second of three distributions actually selling out in more than 500 outlets.

Both publications were selling from May to September 2020.

“In publishing we are known to celebrate anything over a 5% increase, but this is actually phenomenal,” said Publisher Janice Williams. “Our first distribution of Kitchen Yearbook has actually almost doubled its normal sales at this time of year. This is as clear an indicator as we can get of pent-up demand. People were at home during COVID, preparing their renovation plans.”

These results are equal across state boundaries and different types of retailer.

Resources for Kitchen & Bathroom Marketers

Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine has a number of resources available for marketers in this sector.

For articles on the state of the renovation market, see:

For a general guide to marketing kitchens and bathrooms, see:

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