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The next step in creating YOUR forever home
Grand Designs Australia TV Series 9 Has Returned to Foxtel

As Grand Designs Australia TV returns to Foxtel, Grand Designs Australia Magazine is a printed resource that supports people who want to take the next step towards building their forever homes.

Conceived as a “blueprint for inspired living”, Grand Designs Australia Magazine delivers the backstory on the houses shown throughout each series. It also shares other interesting projects from around the globe and introduces a wealth of useful information for inspiring design ideas.

This publication is designed to be a resource for anyone who is proactively working on a build or renovation project and wants to know more. Within the pages of Grand Designs Australia Magazine, you will find the fixtures, fittings and design approach taken to create a home that will facilitate a lifestyle that works for you.

10 years in the making!

After 10 years in print and on television, Grand Designs Australia has become the voice for designer living in Australia. The television show has become a primary reference for an audience of ambitious Australians who are building dream homes and aspire to an enviable lifestyle. The magazine is unique in that it is the only consumer-facing publication dedicated to building dream homes.

About Grand Designs Australia Magazine

Grand Designs Australia Magazine is published by Universal Magazines Pty Ltd under a license agreement with Fremantle Media. Fremantle Media is the producer of the Grand Designs Australia TV which appears on the lifestyle Channel. Grand Designs Australia Magazine turns 10 in 2021 and is hosting the Grand Designs Australia Magazine House of the Year Awards.

Copies of Grand Designs Australia Magazine are available for promotional giveaway

For further information, review copy, or an interview with Publisher Janice Williams, please contact Srashti Singh at Universal on (02) 9887 0354, or


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