EatWell Magazine is offering a smorgasbord for audiences with a Christmas TV show on Channel Nine

Loveable Emma Dean (former MasterChef winner) and EatWell magazine have teamed up for a new kind of Christmas show on Channel Nine. If Bridget Jones’s Diary did a cooking show, this would be it. Delightfully easy food and laugh-out-loud moments will inspire some joy and Chrissy cheer in the homes of Australian audiences this year.

“We’re uncovering what a true Aussie Chrissy is all about,” says Executive Producer Emily Owens, “from backyard cricket to barbies and pavement-so-hot-you-can’t-walk-on-it. After this past year of COVID, we are also looking through a lens to a kinder, more meaningful Christmas. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the small things count: good food, good people, and love.

“I’ve heard it said that an Aussie Christmas doesn’t make sense. That to feel like Christmas you need a turkey, snow, and an ugly scratchy jumper. Well, we disagree. This year we’re celebrating everything we love about the festive season while living in one of the best places in the world. We live in one of the most fantastic food regions on the planet, so it’s no surprise that Aussies want to celebrate a more diverse Christmas menu than just the bog-standard turkey.”

Emma Dean has responded to the new Aussie ‘foodie’ archetype with a diverse Christmas menu. It talks to vegans, seafood lovers, gourmet campers, and is full of easy ways to look impressive for time-poor entertainers.

EatWell magazine is also producing a Christmas feature to accompany the show, so you can be your own MasterChef at the Christmas table this year.

“As a difficult year draws to a close, we sense that the EatWell Christmas Special is exactly what people are looking for – earthy, real and delightfully free – like all good Aussie Christmases should be,” said EatWell Publisher Janice Williams.


You can catch EatWell Christmas with Emma Dean on the Nine Network on December 11th at 3.30pm and then available to stream on 9NOW. 

EatWell Christmas was created by Executive Producer Emily Owens of Toffee Studios. Co-Executive Producers were Janice Williams and Emma Perera, Brand Partnerships Manager was Tracey Dwyer, Head of Design Michaela Primiano, Magazine Features Editor Catherine  Falalis, and Digital Producer Alex Dalland. EatWell is part of the WellBeing Media Group at Universal Media Co.


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