The Universal Media Co 2020 Marketing Calendar

The Universal Media Co 2020 Marketing Calendar When are the best times in the Calendar to push Marketing Campaigns in Australia?  Many marketers manufacture their own dates of course, but here are the key ones that you don’t want to miss out on in 2020.  These have been drawn up for Bricks & Mortar and […]

eCommerce Trends – Universal Media Co Short Executive Summary

Did you know that eMail and Social Media are the leading drivers of eCommerce purchase in Australia?  Did you know that Regional Centres are a high source of eCommerce sales?

In 2019 Universal Media Co ran over 200 Email Campaigns, and over 150 Social media Campaigns for its customers so we watch the trends and have created short executive summary of the “Inside Australian Online Shopping eCommerce Report 2019” by Australia Post for time poor SME’s.