Why is Astrology Booming?
Ask a Millennial

In the age of uncertainty, millennial consumers are driving a resurgence of interest in Astrology. This well-educated, fact-conscious, and very science-based community is finding solace in the stars.

Astrologer for the millennial WellBeing WILD magazine, Jessi Simpson has just compiled the Astro Insights Guide and understands this area well. “Exploration of Astrological Archetypes offers you a fun and interesting avenue into conversations that you just don’t get any other way,” says Jessi.

Whether you believe in lives being influenced by the stars or not, you will deepen your relationship with yourself, others and the world by exploring this subject matter. As books, apps and Google searches for Chart services boom, Jessi’s Astro Insights Guide provides something different — a course in evolutionary astrology for the curious.

Jessi’s Astro Insights Guide offers key lessons on:

  • The foundations of evolutionary astrology
  • The Archetypes of the Zodiac and their life lessons
  • Development of your creative self – the Sun
  • Exploration of your emotional self and journey – the Moon
  • How to create Presence and Magnetism – the Ascendant
  • Harnessing your most authentic expression – Mercury
  • Understanding polarity – Venus and Mars
  • Integrating the Shadow and much more


The publication is certainly a heartfelt guide, going beyond the thinking mind to the depths of the soul. “This course in Astrology is as practical as it is soulful and poetic. You do not have to know anything about Astrology or even spirituality or yoga. Know that showing up as you are in all of your bright fullness and shadowy edginess is a gift. Allow what is — how beautiful. May you stumble upon and feel drawn into these pages at the perfect time. As you take the courageous journey inward, may the words here set you free through the permission to remember the essence of who you truly came here to be,” says Jessi.

About Jessi Simpson

Jessi Simpson is a sacred space holder with a deeply calming and feminine approach to writing, photography and sacred circle facilitation, as well as through her work as an Evolutionary Astrologer and yoga teacher. She is a proud published author and creative. Jessi has also published a book of prose and poetry called Where the Heart Goes to Bloom. She currently teaches from her base in northern NSW.

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Astro Insights Guide is available at all good Newsagencies, Bookstores, Coles, Woolworths and online at WellBeingShop.com.au

For further information, or to arrange an interview with Editor Jessi Simpson, contact Lauren Moore at lmoore@umco.com.au

References on the popularity of Astrology among millennial readers are available for interviewers.


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