Announcing the winners of the inaugural WellBeing Women of the Year Awards


The WellBeing Media Group along with Award partners Ferro-grad C, are thrilled to announce the three winners of the WellBeing Women of the Year Awards; Louise Mahoney of Dreams2Live4, Vladimira Foteva of the REDD Centre, and Emma Stafford of QuIHN & Micah Projects.

The inaugural awards program was a huge success, with the initiative receiving an overwhelming response; from rural practice pharmacists, librarians, mental health programs, charities, volunteers and so many more incredible women and organisations.

“We live in a time of engagement with community issues,” said Publisher Janice Williams, “…and the contributions of women in their own communities cannot be underestimated. The WellBeing Media Group are thrilled to be presenting an awards program that gives community women a chance of winning both coverage, prize money for themselves, and prize money for their organisation.”

Each of the winners was awarded a cash prize of $5000 personally, as well as a further $5000 towards their organisations. The prize rewards their significant contributions to date, and provides opportunity to further achieve in their communities.

Louise Mahoney and Dreams2Live4

Dreams2Live4 makes dreams come true for adults 17 years and over who are living with metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread), relapsed blood cancers and high-grade brain cancer. The national charity works with over 240 hospitals and cancer care centres all over Australia, making one dream come true every 26 hours.

Louise Mahoney works tirelessly to bring hope and inspiration into patients’ lives. Her background as a nurse and carer for her sister Annie, who founded Dreams2live4, makes her uniquely qualified to help patients in this difficult time of their lives. She knows first-hand the positive and lasting impact that planning a dream has on patients and their families’ lives.

Vladimira Foteva and the REDD Centre

The REDD Centre aims to reduce menstrual stigma, raise awareness of period poverty and create an archive of women’s health and menstrual knowledge. They achieve this by pooling together experts in healthcare, biochemistry, design, sociology and fine arts to host exhibitions, workshops and seminars.

The REDD Centre’s work is made possible through the commitment and passion of the core team, Vladimira Foteva (Miri), a PhD research candidate in reproductive medicine and CEO of the REDD Centre, Michelle Wellham (artist and PhD research candidate), Dr Yixue Qiao (medicinal chemist) and Dr Kimberley Williams (Doctor of Medicine).

Emma Stafford (QuIHN & Micah Projects)

QuIHN is a not-for-profit preventive health organisation that offers mental and physical health checks along with vaccinations and immunisations to homeless people and others in need in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

Emma Stafford is a registered nurse and nurse immuniser for QuIHN. She is also in the process of completing a phlebotomy course so she can also offer blood tests to those in need. As part of a two-woman team using a medical bus to service the homeless and those in need, QuIHN provides a range of specialist social and medical services relating to alcohol, other drug use and mental health. Operating in Queensland, QuIHN provides programs across a continuum of care comprising harm reduction programs, therapeutic programs and primary medical care.

Storytelling has served as a major part of the Women of the Year Awards and as part of the program a number of finalists also received coverage and mention for their own exceptional work. We’d like to give a special thanks to our finalists Usha Raman, Rach Mac (Broken Crayons Still Colour), Jessica Murray, Bente Hart (Capital Chemist Braidwood), Michelle Key (Smiles2U) and Keeley Johnson (Keeley’s Cause). These six women contribute significantly and meaningfully to their communities, and we would like to acknowledge the important work they do.

About the Awards

The WellBeing Women of the Year Awards was launched in 2022 with partners Ferro-grad C to support everyday women who are contributing to their communities. The Award is unique in its aim of recognising the first steps made by women to address needs in their own communities. The award spotlight is on the contributions of women and their stories.

Reaching millions over a 12-month campaign, the WellBeing Women of the Year Awards has provided a platform to encourage and inspire both the WellBeing audience and the community at large, while offering a mechanism for rewarding achievement and raising awareness of women who are just getting started on their journey of community contribution.

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