Backyard magazine is for a new generation of Australian families who are discovering different ways to utilise their backyards.

The magazine is about inspiring lifestyles as much as inspiring projects; it is about aspirational, creative Australian living.

Backyard magazine reaches a broad market by speaking to the need to facilitate family living. This community of mid-market Australians who have families that enjoy backyard living see themselves as do-ers — from getting that contractor in to build the patio to assembling the barbecue yourself, this is about being engaged and creating spaces for family and friends to come together and enjoy.

Backyard magazine is part of the Outdoor Media Group. Other media within the group include Outdoor Design & Living magazine, Outdoor Living Product Guide, Outdoor Rooms magazine, the portal, magazine digital editions, plus numerous inbox and social media assets.

*Readership: IPSOS Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA), November 2017

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