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Outdoor living is at the heart of the enviable Australian lifestyle and, for consumers looking to undertake an exterior project

Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazine offers the ability to reach the spenders in the outdoor market.

For a start Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazine is dedicated entirely to creating outdoor spaces – no interiors, no recipes, no travel – just examples of good projects and brilliant ideas.   We are the only publication available that offers this focus, and that means we are the most relevant offering for someone who is looking for ideas for a makeover project.

Ordinary Australians have become quite aspirational about their outdoor spaces.    We are here to help them with their journey by providing a mini-mag called ‘Outdoor Living’ which is dedicated to upmarket projects.  This unique strategy also increases retail facings and comes with a host of other benefits – we are the mass market mag with both mass and upmarket options.  A consumer who enters the market at one level, quickly sees the advantages of moving up to better products and ideas.

The strength of Backyard & Outdoor Living is the relatability of the subject matter.  There is a time of life when life is LIVED at home in the back yard.  We are here to help aspirational Aussies find the ideas and services that they need to create an enviable outdoor lifestyle at home. Backyard & Outdoor Living Magazine gets the conversation about when to build and what to choose, on the kitchen table!

Average Issue Readership here quoted is from EMMA June 2020.

Client Testimonial

“Backyard Magazine strikes a chord with the down to earth Australian seeking ideas, inspiration and information on gardening and outdoor lifestyles. This is why Fleming’s aligns our quality brand with Backyard – a great publication to engage with those that are seeking to learn and research more about gardening and domestic landscaping.  Working with the team from Backyard is always easy and fuss free.”

-Paige Fleming, Sales & Marketing Director, Fleming’s Nursery

“Universal have been a key part of Futurewood’s advertising and promotional mix for the last 10 years. The combination of print media, specifically Backyard, Outdoor Design Living, Outdoor Design Source Annual and the web sites, along with the audience spread from consumers through to landscape architects has proven to be a cost effective choice for Futurewood that has helped drive brand awareness and additional product sales.”

-David Elms, Director, Futurewood

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