Grand Designs & Home Designs BEAT Competitors Readership June 2021

Universal Home Publications Grand Designs Australia Magazine and Home Design Magazine Now offer MORE READERS than generalist titles Inside Out and Real Living Grand Designs Australia Magazine defeats BELLE   in the latest Independent Roy Morgan Readership Survey Publications from Universal Media Co have beaten even generalist competitors in the latest Roy Morgan Readership Survey. The results are… Grand Designs Australia magazine – 151,000 readers […]

Regional Home Renovation Boom Continues

Regional Home Renovation Boom Continues At UMCo we seen in 2021 a steady rise in enquiries from consumers who are looking for service providers to help with regional kitchen, bathroom, landscape, renovation or new home build projects.  Magazines like Australian Country Home, Home Design and Grand Designs have never had a better year. Little wonder […]

Is the 55-64 Audience Your Marketing ‘Blindspot’?

Is the 55-64 Audience Your Marketing ‘Blindspot’? 12% of Australians are 55-64 – they have high net wealth (growing), their real household consumption outstrips the 25-34’s, they aren’t tied down to responsibilities, are financially confident, worry less, and are highly valuable. So why are Australian Marketers failing to see their importance. This research by Kantar […]